Shipping Instructions:

  1. Pack container of ashes in proper container.
    Refer to your funeral home or crematory for appropriate packing material.

  2. Enclose your payment in the form of check or money order. Include credit card #, and checks take 10 days to clear.

  3. Enclose the above signed authorization form.

  4. Enclose the Permit for Disposition of human remains or certified copy of the death certificate if we are to obtain the Permit for Disposition of Human remains.

  5. Ship only via U.S. Postal Service, registered mail, return receipt requested.

  6. Next to the mailing address, indicate the contents of the package on the outside of the box:  “Cremated Human Ashes.”

  7. Shipping Address: Riptide Charters P.O. Box 370537 ; Montara CA 94037

Mailing Instructions

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